The Let's Learn 教学理念

We are a growing, independent, nontraditional tutoring company made of passionate educators and inspiring students. We specialize in individualized learning while fostering independent skills and confidence for all abilities and ages- we serve kids through adults! We bring high energy fun when implementing our active learning strategies that reflect our students' interests and learning preferences. We strive to break the mold of bland, boring tutoring by introducing engaging, effective techniques!


Our learners laugh, grow and challenge themselves as they explore content and establish their library of autonomous learning strategies.  All of our fun is proven to be effective. We only use scientifically source-based practices, meaning we implement teaching methods that are backed by data and educational research on learning growth- we give our community accountability. Having the tools to expand our minds gives the confidence to explore and discover our world.


We work to understand and listen to our learners' needs and frustrations. We review past and current progress in combination with diagnostic assessments to inform and develop academic and personal goals, which are all SMART:


  • Clearly stated area or skill for growth

  • Reflects current data 


  • ways to evaluate progress 

  • How will I know when it's accomplished?


  • Appropriately challenges learner

  • Is it possible to attain with steps?



  • Relevant to the individual learner

  • Goal aligns with expected results


  • It has an end date

  • When should it be completed?

Once our learners, parents, and tutor agree, we take action. Our team devises a learning plan to execute content and introduce strategy instruction within a logical sequence. Continuous progress monitoring and data collection enable our tutors to plan each learning session revolving around the individual's current abilities while minimizing potential pitfalls. We help our learners build the needed confidence to succeed! 


Let's Learn Tutoring works to create an inclusive community for all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for general improvement, getting ahead, test preparation, writing services, academic coaching, advice, building confidence or exploring new interests, we are confident that Let's Learn Tutoring can effectively address your individual, unique needs.



在悉心挑选后,Let's Learn 提供一系列由专精内容的资深老师所辅导的科目。我们根据不同学生的优势和需求来设计我们的课程。和我们一起学习将帮助您或您的学生在更好的理解学科内容的同时,成为一个能独立思考的自主学习者。我们教授我们的学生如何高效率的学习 - 一项成功所必要的技能